ODVision is a consultancy and sales agency that helps niche foreign fashion brands successfully enter and grow in the North and Latin American markets. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of and connections in these markets, helps fashion brands bypass the logistical challenges associated with entering new markets, significantly shortening the time it takes to realize sales growth.

Our company helps you to position your brand effectively in target markets (what sells in one market may not directly apply to another one), identify the right sales channels (distribution, store openings, merchandising strategies, tradeshow presence, showrooms, etc.), and assist you in every step of the way (logistics, customer service, etc.) so you can achieve your organizational goals as you expand into strategic new markets.

Our focuses in companies in the fashion industry that want to do business in the North America and Latin America Markets or US Companies that want to expand their brands into Latin American Market.

Olga Fontanillas-Desi, originally from Barcelona, is the founder of ODVision. Olga has twelve years of experience in the fashion industry, leading international sales, merchandising, and marketing initiatives. She created ODVision with the vision of bringing her years of experience in helping expand fashion brands in international markets to the benefit of niche fashion brands. She is passionate about helping unique, niche fashion brands grow their business into the US, Canadian and Latin American markets. Her moto for foreign companies that want to enter the IS market is: “Be open minded, think outside the box, be willing to invest, believe and adapt.”